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Metering and Monitoring

Industrial automation and monitoring covers many tasks such as data collection and transfer, remote configuration and download of applications, diagnostics, control and network connectivity.  Key segments include utility meter reading, agricultural monitoring, and remote asset monitoring.

M2M based meter reading is now widespread in the utility markets. In some countries the focus has been monitoring of industrial and business users and hard to reach locations but this is now changing as the Victorian and other governments and utilities initiate projects to remotely monitor electricity in homes.

Apart from utility meters, other metering and monitoring applications include PLC and SCADA, environmental monitoring, agriculture and mining.  Agricultural monitoring is growing rapidly and M2M has a strong range of products to support this sector, with both cellular and satellite based optiosn for communications.  

Monitoring solutions allow collection of accurate real time information, remote update of tariffs, and early detection of faults. Technologies used include cellular (using SMS, CSD, packet data) and satellite. Increasingly developers are using short-range wireless communications devices such as Wireless M-Bus, Zigbee, 802.15.4,Bluetooth and WLAN to connect monitored points their systems.

M2M Connectivity can assist with connection of a wide range of meters and SCADA devices over 3G and other RF bearers.  We can support most major PLC brands in the market with both 3G connectivity and remote monitoring of the system.

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