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Fleet and Transport

Fleet Management has evolved rapidly over the past few years with the introduction of M2M applications offering a cost effective means of managing your fleet of vehicles in real time via a wireless network.

M2M Fleet Management solutions allow you to monitor the performance of each individual vehicle, rental car or truck in a fleet with information such as vehicle speed, fuel consumption, excessive acceleration or braking. Information is sent back to a central monitoring point to alert the fleet owner of potential vehicle failure or maintenance issues. GPS information can also be sent via the wireless network for precise vehicle location allowing efficient route planning of your fleet.

Fleet management applications include:

- Vehicle tracking of rental cars, taxi and truck fleets
- Cargo tracking

- Tracking of mobile assets (e.g. rolling stock, trailers)
- Route planning
- Road, Rail, Air and Sea logistics

M2M Connectivity provides a range of wireless products covering local or wide area coverage with our range of 3G/NextG, GSM/GPRS, CDMA and Satellite products as well as short range technologies for connecting at base or between vehicles and trailers.  Our large range of satellite modules and modems are ideal additions to existing cellular based tracking, allowing users to add ubiquitous coverage to their fleet management service.

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